Not So Wicked Witches

October 10, 2020

Witches may have a bad rap in traditional tales, but in many comics and manga they are the heroines. We’ve compiled a list of recommendations for you to get to know some of the witches on our shelves this Halloween season – they’re perfect reading for some spooky fun!

Mooncakes: Adolescent romance and magical adventures combine to create a wonderfully wholesome tale. Nova Huang is a young witch working in her grandmother’s bookstore when she stumbles across a friend from her past in need of help from dark foes. 

Little Witch Academia: This story follows a young girl named Akko hell bent on becoming a real witch at the premiere magic school, Luna Nova Academy, despite having no magic in her family background. In spite of this steep setback, she’s as stubborn as can be, and you’ll be rooting for her as she challenges misconceptions and works to fulfill her dream!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Sabrina, along with her feline companion Salem and Aunts Hilda and Zelda, is confronted with some major life decisions as she approaches her sixteenth birthday. All while she’s just slightly distracted with the appearance of Madam Satan returning to wreak havoc on the Spellman family.

The Lunch Witch: A witch named Grunhilda takes on a job as a lunch lady in order to create her foul brews for the students in the school cafeteria. She delights in terrorizing the student body until she meets one young pupil who needs her guidance. Can she betray her family tradition and lend a helping hand?

These are just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many more stories to choose from on our shelves, including some titles that are a whole lot scarier (we’re looking at you, Wytches and Blackwood). You can always ask a Lair employee for help navigating the graphic novels and/or manga to find what you are looking for and ask for more recommendations. Come on by and see us this week to check out these titles and more!