Pathfinder Adventure Path: Fists of the Ruby Phoenix

February 2, 2023

The time has come again for the Ruby Phoenix Tournament! The sorceress Hao Jin has invited only the strongest martial artists, adventurers, and fortune seekers to her world-famous fighting competition. The motley roster of contenders must compete for this decade’s champion title and the choice of one of the Ruby Phoenix’s grand treasures. Who will come out on top, and who will be left in the dust? There’s only one way to find out! The Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path is a three-part series of connected adventures that compose a complete Pathfinder campaign. -PAIZO

If you’ve been looking for a challenging and engaging adventure for your Pathfinder group, look no further! Fists of the Ruby Phoenix has everything you want in a 3 part adventure that will keep your characters on their toes!


Part 1: Despair on Danger Island (Luis Loza) – Players must qualify for the Ruby Phoenix Tournament by passing a series of challenges on the tropical island of Bonmu. See if you have what it takes to advance to the tournament! This is a great ramp up to the tournament itself, and has a satisfying conclusion of its own.


Part 2: Ready? Fight! (David N. Ross) – The world’s greatest fighters have now assembled in the prestigious martial arts tournament, Fists of the Ruby Phoenix, and it’s time to see who takes home the prize from the treasure vault of the Ruby Phoenix herself – Hao Jin. This part isn’t simply about impressing the audience with speed, skill and fighting power; the tournament is interrupted and players must turn their sights on a common foe.


Part 3: King of the Mountain (James Case) – The powerful sorceress Hao Jin has disappeared! In this exciting conclusion, the heroes must travel across mountains and face otherworldly villains in their quest to rescue the Ruby Phoenix. Can your players defeat these powerful rivals and achieve the title of tournament champions?


Fists of the Ruby Phoenix can be purchased separately in these three parts, or together in a hardcover compilation. We recommend keeping them all together (and the cover is soooo pretty). Whichever way you decide to play, come see us at the Lair and we’ll have everything you need – from the adventure path itself to minis, terrain, dice and more!