April 30, 2021


Fumbus the Goblin Alchemist in His First Pathfinder Comic Book Adventure.

If you are a veteran of Pathfinder roleplaying games, you no doubt have encountered the GOBLINS! Whether they are comic relief or vile shifting stab you in the back conniving NPCs…you know they are not to be trusted. But there is one among them, an Alchemist by trade, that is the (not-so) shining example of what Goblin-kind can be.  It is FUMBUS! And everyone’s favorite self-interested hero is leaping from the Adventure Paths to comic books in a brand new tale!

The new PATHFINDER comic book special is written by veteran scribe and gamer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies) and illustrated by Tom Garcia (Hellraiser).  Our tale introduces Fumbus, the Goblin Alchemist, to comics with a 40-page adventure full of sneaky and diabolically devilish adventure.  And like any good Tome of Delights…it comes with three cover variants to add to your treasure horde – Main Art Cover, Fumbus Character Sheet Cover, and the delightfully retro Glow In the Dark Cover! 

Expected Release: July 2021