Pride D20 Enamel Pins

February 10, 2021


Pride D20 Enamel Pins, designed by @SoMattyGameZ and brought to you by @TabletopSwag.

Hi, my name is Josh and amongst many things, I am an avid tabletop gamer, forever DM, game designer and proprietor of Tabletop Swag.

The LGBTQI+ community is something very close to my heart and supporting friends, family and the broader community and ensuring everyone feels included in our games is very important to me.

Inclusivity in gaming is something I am really passionate about and when originally launching Tabletop Swag we thought it was important to share that with the world and commissioned @SoMattyGamez to design various Pride Designs for us to put on stickers and t-shirts. This was awesome and we received a lot of great feedback.

We have since expanded our range of designs and decided we need these to be on pins for everyone to enjoy!

By backing this project you are helping get these designs out into the world. If seeing these on display inspires one more person to feel ok about getting into gaming and to feel more welcome then the whole project has been successful.

After the Kickstarter, successful designs will be available via

Expected Release: May 2021