REAPER CAT: The Card Game

September 22, 2023


A catty game of COLLECTING souls, ATTACKING friends and getting REVENGE!

Since the beginning of time, the Grim reaper has had the difficult task of collecting all souls and guiding them to the underworld–but that’s about to change! It’s time for the Reaper’s cats to give up the lap of luxury and take over some responsibility.

As a Reaper Cat, your job is to collect the most kitty souls and keep them in your possession. The player with the most souls by the time 9 lives have been spent is the ULTIMATE REAPER CAT and will reign supreme! But…watch out for meddling kittens of the underworld, like MEOWDUSA, who can turn all players to stone for an entire round, or CERBERPUSS, guardian of the underworld, who will protect their player at all costs by blocking any attack,

Expected Release: November 2023