October 15, 2020

This Halloween, the selections are bigger than ever!

Every year I come across the same problem, “There are only so many hours in a day — but so many board games I want to play” on Halloween, or on Halloween Eve that I usually end up with analysis paralysis and disregard the whole thing. Sometimes I start to think about the style of game I would like to bring to the table either at a party or alone, do I want to play something quick and easy, often cute in nature…or immerse myself in a slow burn thematic game that takes me well into the early hours of November 1st? This season, the selection of horror games has exploded with all sorts of games, and I will use my expertise of the genre to provide you with a concise shopping guide full of variety and hopefully suggestions that you can use to navigate your way to a successful night of haunted tabletop gaming for you or your group of friends! Keep in mind, this year the name of the game (pun intended) is social distancing so I will be featuring more games of that nature.

Growing up in the 90’s there was a small boom targeted at us young millennials for quick, gimmicky games that were more toys than decent attempts at the genre; who can forget the chaotic mystery of 13 Dead End Drive or the lesser known Ghost Castle? I recall the production these games made us do with their flimsy cardboard walls and uneven ramps making us come away from the experience as seasoned production designers. In the 80’s Gen X’ers were treated to the joys of bundled cassette/VHS tapes that promised an “immersive experience you’ll swear was real” gimmick with such classics as the bombastic Nightmare or the unintentionally terrifying Shrieks & Creaks. Luckily those days are long behind us and the golden age of boardgames has brought us the next evolution of cardboard entertainment without the need for gimmicks or other marketed materials; and what was once a very niche seasonal curio has matured into a vast field of choices we can play all year round!

Click this link (https://www.dlair.net/austin//wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Ricardos-Halloween-gaming-guide.pdf ) for a PDF of this full article to read about some standout selections played by and approved by yours truly, to get you in the spirit!