RIP Klaus Teuber

April 8, 2023

The gaming industry was rocked this week by the passing of icon Klaus Teuber, creator of the iconic board game Catan.

Published in 1995, Catan (originally Settlers of Catan) has continued to be a best selling game despite decades of time gracing game store shelves, and has introduced countless players to the wide world of tabletop board games. The balance, creativity, and replayability of Catan is a feat achieved by few, and its lasting influence is a testament to Teuber’s ingenuity in design.

Catan is a resource collection and trading game in which communication between players is paramount. Large hexagonal tiles are randomly placed during setup to denote the various land types, and players are each given two settlements to establish. These settlements allow the player to collect different resource cards according to where they are placed and the land types to which they are adjacent. Players can trade amongst themselves, and this is where much of the true magic of Catan shines in gameplay. It’s up to you to negotiate the best trades in order to gain points by developing your settlement. The first player to collect 10 points claims victory!

Catan’s popularity has produced a wide variety of expansions over the years, which allow players to experience this wonderful game in fresh new settings. It has also been adapted to a 2 player card game version titled Rivals of Catan if you can’t quite assemble the 3-4 players the base game requires. Stand alone editions such as Game of Thrones Catan and Catan Starfarers further expand the incredibly wide appeal of this iconic game.

Born in Germany and originally working as a dental technician before beginning to design his own games, Klaus Teuber has shown us all how perseverance and pursuit of passion can lead to incredible developments that people around the world can enjoy. Sit down and play a game today in memory of this beloved creator.