Signing with Jerry DeCaire

September 15, 2023

Jerry DeCaire, one of the earlier artists for Marvel’s Deadpool and artist for Thor, Wolverine, Hawkeye and many other top character titles, will be a welcomed guest here at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy®, Austin, TX on Sunday, September 24th! He will be signing his recently released Wolverine Omnibus Vol # 3 and his back issues like Deadpool Beginnings, Wolverine: Weapon X-Unbound, S.H.LE.LD.: Hydra Reborn, and many other highly popular superhero title publications.

DeCaire’s live, signature drawing method, uses mathematics to draw a superhero and has been presented to students, fans and library patrons in every major city in the US since 2012. DeCaire is happy to announce that this well-received program also includes an animated slide presentation on the craft of the comic book. That, along with his super-fast drawing demos, will be presented to the fans at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy®.

Three signed and dated original drawings and one full­ color print will be given away free to the patrons as a thank you to the community. DeCaire will be introducing his own written and illustrated, “The Which-When Man”. Original pages can be seen at the event and inside stories about the fathers of the industry, Stan Lee and John Buscema (authors of the “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way”) will also be shared by the artist.

DeCaire’s creation, “The Which-When-Man” (alias R.J. Deuel), is a time-traveling vigilante hell-bent on preventing a dystopian future from ever taking place. He does so by altering mankind’s murderous past, but to get there, R.J. fights lions in Rome’s ancient Colosseum, butts heads with Adolf Hitler, and even tangos with the infamous T-Rex. Say, what? There’s no ceiling as to just how bizarre it all gets for R.J., but the biggest challenge is for him to decide not so much “which-way” he is going, but rather,”which-when!” Unlike the typical time-traveling hero who walks on eggshells so as not to disturb the cosmic timestream, R.J comes out swinging like a raging bull in the “China – shop” of time. He reasons that anything he does cannot possibly give us a world any worse than the one he’s already seen – or, can it? DeCaire anticipates that critics will find “The Which-When-Man” to be the most controversial book of its genre as it unapologetically bares its politic with an unbiased zeal. “The Which-When-Man” carries a very serious message for our times that underlines what appears to be nothing more than a story filled with fun, action and laughs.