Spaced Out

June 8, 2020

Get ready to plunge into some settings and stories that are out of this world! This week, we’re giving you a list of a few of our favorite games and narratives that are set in space. Get ready to travel to far off planets, explore the outer edges of the universe, and gear up for intergalactic war!

Planetes: A manga which follows three characters aboard a debris clearing spaceship named The Toybox. This is a story that might be called a more “realistic” depiction of space in the not so far off future, as humanity grapples with more true to life problems that space travel presents (the clearing of debris being a prime example). This story really captures and examines how an individual can struggle with navigating their place in our ever expanding universe, and has a healthy dose of political and societal themes that weave in beautifully. 

Race for the Galaxy: Compete in this card game to build the most successful galactic civilization! Game cards dictate different economic, technological, or social developments that can be utilized, and players take on different roles every turn, with each role selection then affecting the other competitors and their world building as well. A well rounded game that is long, but not too long (average play time is 30-60 minutes), so you have time to really become invested without leaving it on the table overnight.

Sky Doll: This series follows Noa, a female android who is owned and at the mercy of the State’s wishes, and her quest for liberation. This story has achieved international renown, originally written in Italian by creators Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa. It takes place in a richly thought out future, and features stunning artwork that any sci-fi fan is sure to appreciate. 

Warhammer 40k: This miniatures game takes place 40,000 years in the future, when humanity has expanded and evolved to the point that an actual regression has begun to take place. Advance technology became so ubiquitous and specialized in this grim and grimy future that it became akin to magic for the majority of the populace as the knowledge on how their creations functioned and were made eroded. However, one thing humanity never forgets is war. Choose a faction from a wide selection that includes different humanoid and alien races, build an army, and duke it out on the tabletop!

Saga: Because how could we not include this? A celebrated epic space opera that spans generations, and has content ranging from forbidden love to coming of age, mystery, and more!

These selections are just a scratch on the surface of what we have available. From in depth board games, to exciting narratives, and the rigorous world of miniatures, all play preferences can be covered at the Lair. Be sure to ask a friendly Dlair employee for more selections when you stop by!