Spooky Season Recommends

September 27, 2021

Summer is coming to a close and the nights are getting longer day by day. To celebrate the return of spooky season, here are a few recommendations for some books that will chill and thrill.

Gather your party, grab your trusty Tarokka deck, and brave the mists of Barovia. Your fate is entwined with Count Strahd von Zarovich in the Dungeons & Dragons module Curse of Strahd. When D&D does horror, they go big. Ravenloft will invite you in, but will you be able to find your way back to the light…?

Fans of the Weird will find themselves engrossed by the delightfully macabre tales in The Willows: Complete Anthology. In 2007, a group of writers and artists started a magazine inspired by Alegernon Blackwood’s excellent supernatural short story “The Willows”. Anyone looking for a grand collection of strange tales will find them here.

Manga readers know Junji Ito is one of the biggest names in supernatural horror. I’ve heard him referred to as the Japanese Lovecraft, although that really doesn’t do justice to the vividness of his imagination. Now, he’s set his sight on Cosmic Horror. In Sensor, a young woman arrives at a small village at the base of a mountain to find a young man who says he’s been waiting for her. The strangeness ramps up with the hair-like volcanic glass fibers that are seemingly everywhere. Nothing is quite as it seems in this newest tale from a master of Japanese horror.

I’ll have more recommendations as the season progresses. Until then, keep the lights on.

-Article by Rob H.