Spooky Stories

October 19, 2022

Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re looking to explore some titles to celebrate the season we’ve got you covered! Ranging from all ages titles to mature audiences, here are our favorite spooky comic picks:

Scary Godmother (all ages): This award winning series is a pleasure for readers of any level. Kids will love joining Scary Godmother on her adventures with her friends in the Fright Side! Full of fantastically spooky fun, adults will enjoy reading this as much as children enjoy listening.

Baba Yaga’s Assistant (best for ages 9-12): The iconic Russian folktale of Baba Yaga finds new life in this exciting story! A young girl named Masha must earn her place as the assistant to this fearsome witch of folklore by passing a series of tricks and tests. This reads as a modern day Grimm’s fairy tale, and is sure to delight anyone looking for a slightly scary story.

Harrow County (ages 13+): Described as a “southern gothic fairy tale” Harrow County follows a girl named Emmy in this coming of age story. Emmy has always known that the woods next to her house was crawling with ghosts and monsters, but what she didn’t know is how she was connected to them. Find out in volume 01: Countless Haints!

Through the Woods (recommended for ages 14+): Celebrated creator Emily Carroll both writes and illustrates this collection of fairly tales gone wrong. These five mysterious spine tingling stories will keep you engrossed from beginning to end!

The Silver Coin (mature readers): This series follows a cursed coin as it travels from one owner to the next, wreaking havoc on all who possess it. Although there is an overarching theme to the story, this series can also be read out of order as an anthology, as each issue focuses on the coin moving from one owner to the next.

Basketful of Heads (mature readers): Joe Hill brings us a true horror comic in this seven issue miniseries featuring a woman wielding a mythological axe. On the hunt to find her kidnapped boyfriend, she decapitates the perpetrators one by one. The catch is – the heads still talk, and each disembodied head has a malevolent story of its own to tell.