Spotlight On: Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance

March 19, 2021

No Game Master? No problem! Based on the hit podcast by the McElroy family, The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance takes fans a step farther into the zone by actually bringing them to the table! This game packs all the fun punchiness of a casual D&D campaign with a friendlier learning curve. It’s a perfect bridge for players who are interested in trying an RPG but don’t know where to begin or are hesitant to jump in. 

The Adventure Zone is a cooperative game where players work together to retrieve valuable items from various evildoers. It has a dynamic gameplay that has virtually infinite replayability as multiple decks of cards are combined to create dungeons and challenges. Storytelling and descriptions of actions are encouraged and make the experience incredibly fun, creating a perfect blend of a traditional pen and paper RPGs within a board game. 

This game can accommodate 2-5 players, ages 13 and up, which makes it a great choice for families as well as friends. Games typically last anywhere from 1-2 hours, so it is ideal for groups looking to put a solid afternoon or evening of play in without stretching the game into multiple sessions. The cards and items are wacky and witty, and the game encapsulates everything that makes the podcast so entertaining. 

If you haven’t heard of or had a chance to check out the podcast first, we highly recommend it although it isn’t necessary to play. Episodes are released biweekly at Maximum Fun!