Spotlight On: Age of Reptiles

June 16, 2022

Jurassic World: Dominion has officially hit the big screen and what better time could there be to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of these long gone but not forgotten creatures? If you want a comic with a realistic portrayal of how dinosaurs may have lived and survived, then you need to check out Age of Reptiles.

In this award winning series which was first published in 1993, Ricardo Delgado depicts different dinosaurs living, dying and surviving in beautifully rendered textless story boards. The detail in these depictions and the emotion conveyed is completely captivating despite the lack of text – check out the page below for an example!

Age of Reptiles has been released in several different stand-alone stories titled Tribal Warfare (1993), The Hunt (1997),The Journey (2009), and most recently Ancient Egyptians (2015). You can get the first three stories at once in one collected volume – The Age of Reptiles Omnibus Volume 1. But beware! These tales are largely focused on the lives of carnivores, and can be a bit graphic. They also pack an emotional punch on par with The Land Before Time, and we all know how hard that one hits.

All in all, this comic is simply a masterpiece in storytelling, and Delgado shows himself to be a true master of the medium as the reader becomes wholeheartedly invested in the trials and tribulations that these now extinct creatures once experienced.