Spotlight On: Animal Castle

November 16, 2022

Animal Castle is an Orwellian tale about a forgotten farm hidden deep in the woods known as the Animal Castle. Readers looking for a deep story to sink their teeth into will be well pleased with this story, which draws heavy inspiration from George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm.

The Animal Castle is ruled by President Silvio, a massive bull with an even more massive ego. Silvio and his dog militia savor and abuse their power, justifying their behavior by stating that they alone can keep the wolves of the woods at bay. Meanwhile the other animals are exhausted by work, constantly putting forth a greater effort then they are returned. For example, in winter the animals all must partake in mandatory “free time” in which they collect wood for the Animal Castle. Silvio then charges them for use of the wood they themselves collected. 

This exhausting existence endures until a traveling rat named Azelard visits the Animal Castle and introduces a young cat mother named Miss. B. to the secrets of civil disobedience. She embarks on a quest to peacefully reclaim rights for herself and her fellows, but how long can she hold back the bloodshed that seems inevitable? 

This series has a dark tonality that will give readers a good deal to chew on and contemplate. The art is simply stunning – full of rich detail and elements which add to the world building of the Animal Castle setting. There are numerous characters who possess great complexity that you’ll grow attached to, and we’re looking forward to see where this ongoing story will take us. Fans of the bestselling series Stray Dogs and the Eisner Award winning Beasts of Burden will be sure to enjoy this fresh take on a literary classic!