Spotlight On: Bunny Kingdom

April 10, 2022

Easter is this weekend, and this week we’re highlighting a board game that would be perfectly on theme for a get together if you’re planning one! Bunny Kingdom is both adorable and engaging, and is a fun play for both regular board gamers and occasional dabblers.

This is a card drafting game where the goal is to effectively settle your rabbit warren safely and prosperously across a 100 square grid board. The resources you collect depend largely on where you choose to settle – water is found at lakes, mushrooms are harvested in the forest etc. You’ll need to be strategic by allowing yourself access to different resources while keeping your warren contiguous. There are also cities to build and rabbit lords to recruit to gain influence (and additional points)!

The game ends after four turns, with typical playtime clocking in at 40-60 minutes. It’s a perfect activity for just the right amount of time when you’re planning your holiday afternoon. The board and card art is gorgeous and what better time of year is there to bust out a game where dozens of miniature rabbits get to amass together?

If you already own it and love it, there is also an expansion available called Bunny Kingdom: In the Sky which has a new game board and additional cards to play with. Come on by and pick up a copy for your game library this week, and have a Happy Easter holiday!