Spotlight On: Clank!

November 3, 2022

Looking for a board game to play with all the flavor of Dungeons and Dragons but not the commitment? Look no further than Clank!: A Deck Building Game!

Clank! has it all – a dynamic game board, digestible rules, strategy, and of course, adventure! Each player creates their own deck over the course of the game, honing it to their strategy as play goes on. Players work to delve farther and travel further into an angry dragon’s mountain lair in order to collect loot. You will want to build up your sneak abilities, as each CLANK can rouse the dragon, and its rage increases as more artifacts are stolen.

During the game, you have two goals:

  • Retrieve an Artifact token and escape the dragon by returning to the place you started, outside of the dungeon.
  • Accumulate enough points with your Artifact and other loot to beat out your opponents and earn the title of Greatest Thief in the Realm!

Clank! has a play time of 30-60 minutes, hitting the sweet spot of not too long, and not too short. It’s perfect for a game night for ages 12+ and can accommodate 2-4 players. This is such a great game to have on hand during those rainy days and winter months inside. The variability is high, so each time you play will be different, and there is a lot of room for different strategies to unfold as play progresses. Come by this week and add it to your game library!