Spotlight On: Ctrl

August 3, 2020

This week we're featuring a new game on the market that just debuted this year – Ctrl! We love this game because it is a fun and fast family game, with an age range of 7+, 2-4 players and a 20 minute average playing time. 

Ctrl has a unique design that will make it stand out amongst other games in your collection as it is a modular building block type game. Games start with a 3x3x3 cube being placed in the center of the table, and then players each begin covering this cube with their own colored blocks. You can cover your opponents colored bricks with your own, and at the end of the game (when there are no more blocks left to place) the color with the most exposure wins! A flag of each player's color adds another element of strategy to this game, as players can use it to block and reserve an area on the cube when they finish each turn.

The game itself is well made (Pandasaurus Games) and the way the blocks fit together is satisfying and allows for an incredible variety of moves as the block gets bigger. It is very easy to learn, so all the members of your family can enjoy a quick game after dinner or on a weekend afternoon. Even with two players the game provides a fun alternate strategy as each person is then in charge of two colors while secretly choosing which one will be their scoring color and using the other for blocking and as a red herring. 

Call first or just drop on by and pick up Ctrl today! We're always happy to give some additional recommendations as well. There is something for everyone to enjoy at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy®.