Spotlight On: DC’s Absolute Power

June 16, 2024

Get ready for the biggest crossover event of the summer! DC’s Absolute Power will introduce a new “trinity of evil” as Brainiac, Failsafe and Amanda Waller combine forces to take out Earth’s metahumans. Writer Mark Waid is penning the main limited series (4 issues, with the first debuting on July 2nd) but there are plenty of substories to follow that branch off this main story and help bring the event as a whole together, so you’ll want to pick up all of them to follow the nuances of this event. These include:

  • Absolute Power Ground Zero One-Shot: June 25th
  • Absolute Power Task Force VII – Last Son: First issue release date July 10th
    • This is a three-issue biweekly companion series that looks at the events of the series from the POV of the villains.
  • Absolute Power – Origins: First issue release date July 24th
    • A three-part limited series that’s set to reveal the history of Amanda Waller.
  • Tie in issues from series titles:
    • Batman #150-152: July 2nd
    • Green Lantern #13-15: July 10th
    • Wonder Woman #11-13: July 17th
    • Superman #16-18: July 17th
    • Green Arrow #14-16: July 24th

If you saw us for Free Comic Book Day this year check your stack for the Free Comic Book Day 2024: Absolute Power Special Edition. This is a prelude issue that helps set the stage for the upcoming events!

Whether you’re a die hard DC fan or a casual reader looking for an engaging summer series, Absolute Power will keep you entertained and excited for every next issue!