Spotlight On: Everdell

January 17, 2021

This week we wanted to call attention to a both beautiful as well as engaging game called Everdell. Any fan of fantasy, nature, civilization building and animals is bound to love this award winning creation by Starling Games. It has a meaty medium to long average playtime (40-80 minutes) as well as a single player option, making it ideal for a variety of settings or occasions. Whether you’re looking to fill a quarantine afternoon by yourself, or on the hunt for the next family game night, this one’s got you covered! 

You play as a critter who’s civilization needs to expand into new territories as growth has exploded in the forest. This is a dynamic worker placement strategy game, where on each turn a player can take one of three possible actions; place a worker, play a card, or prepare for the next season. Workers can gather resources, draw cards and more, while playing cards is what allows you to populate and construct your city. There are five types of cards: Travelers, Production, Destination, Governance, and Prosperity. Cards generate resources (twigs, resin, pebbles, and berries), grant abilities, and ultimately score points. Preparing for next season allows you to return workers to your hand in order to play others, and the game is played from one winter to the onset of another. The amount of strategy and variety is practically limitless, and no two games will ever be the same!

Besides the fantastic design and ability to shine in a bunch of different settings, the game itself is simply gorgeous. It is evocative of many landmark fantasies such as Redwall and Lord of the Rings, and focuses on anthropomorphizing various woodland creatures in detailed woodland and city scenes. That’s not all though –  a huge tree as well as markers and meeples are included, and it makes a grand display on your table as you play through the game. Even when it’s not your turn, you’ll love appreciating the lovely design and setting. Come on by today and add Everdell to your game library! It’s one you’re sure to appreciate time and time again.