Spotlight On: Klaus

December 2, 2021

Grant Morrison brings zaniness and creativity to a tale centering around the origins of Santa Claus in this limited series from Boom Studios. It’s a perfect graphic novel to pick up for a holiday themed read this week, and give an interesting take on where the man behind that mythical white beard came from.

Before he was Santa Claus, Klaus lived as a reclusive viking along with his lone companion, a wolf named Lilli. He and Lilli soon find themselves in a war against an ancient evil that looms over an oppressed town where toys and joy have been outlawed. Morrison brings his signature quirky dips and dives to the story, and Klaus is a well written character that makes sense for an evolution to Santa Claus. It’s surprisingly warm and funny, and you’ll be rooting for Klaus the entire way!

One of the things that makes this story really stand out isn’t just the writing, it’s the stunning artwork that Dan Mora brings to the story. The scenery is detailed and full of depth, and the characters are brought to life through these beautiful illustrations.

The team has also released several extra sized one shot issues to add to the Klaus storyline, which are great fun to read after you finish their original series of seven. If this dark fantasy doesn’t sound like it’s right for you, come check out some other selections from our extensive shelves! Our Lair employees are happy to help you navigate them and give recommendations so that you can find the best story to meet your needs.