Spotlight On: Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game

July 11, 2021

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a tabletop miniatures game which was released in 2019, and is a fantastic way to get into the minis hobby, especially if you're already a Marvel fan. The gameplay consists of forming a team of heroes or villains (or heroes AND villains) from your collection of miniatures and sending them to the tabletop to battle it out against your opponent's team.

The best way to get started is by getting the Core Set Box, which will give you everything you need to get started and assemble your first team, including terrain, some of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, a learning guide, tactics cards, range tools and more! Like many miniatures games, the combat between the two assembled teams is dictated by the character stat cards as well as dice rolls. One of the unique aspects of the game is that terrain can actually be thrown, crashed into or even destroyed!

Core Set Box contents list: 

  • 10 hard plastic character miniatures:
    • Black Widow
    • Captain America
    • Captain Marvel 
    • Iron Man
    • Spider-Man
    • Baron Zemo
    • Crossbones
    • Doctor Octopus
    • Red Skull
    • Ultron
  • 10 bases of varied sized from 30mm-50mm
  • 9 pieces of terrain
    • 1 Daily Bugle stand
    • 2 cars
    • 2 dumpsters
    • 2 traffic lights
    • 2 lampposts
  • 170 Tokens
  • 20 team tactics cards
  • 3 map cards
  • 2 affiliation cards
  • 10 character stat cards
  • 6 crisis cards
  • 3 movement tools
  • 4 range tools
  • 1 learn to play guide
  • 10 dice

MSRP $99.95

Even if you're just in this for the assembly and painting aspect of this hobby, it's well worth the investment. The miniatures not only depict many of the best Marvel characters out there (including Captain Marvel, Thanos, Captain America and loads more) the figures are well made and the poses are dynamic. Just painting these for fun and setting them up for display is incredibly satisfying, although bringing them to the tabletop will absolutely maximize your enjoyment. Stop by today to get started, and be sure to check out the Marvel Crisis Protocol Vibranium Heist Event on Saturday!