Spotlight On: Master’s Tale RPG

May 3, 2022

From Anubis Games and Hobby comes Master’s Tale – a brand new tabletop roleplaying game that focuses on tutelage under learned masters to gain power and experience on their fantasy adventures. Master’s Tale is an an enjoyable RPG that is a snap to learn for new players and engaging enough for experienced players. 

The character creation system allows you to play as a various interesting races and classes. Some of the unique races and classes include:

  • Herdborn Aeronian Figther – Humanoid Buffalo creatures that augment their martial abilities with magic.
  • Ferrakin Rogue – Lycanthropic Humanoids who are highly trained in stealth and trickery.

These are just a few of the various ways you can design your character in the Master’s tale system. Master’s Tale uses a traditional D20 system for rolling outcomes. Instead of the usual experience based leveling, Master’s Tale allows the player to learn from Masters to earn skills and abilities. 

We are excited to host a creator led demo on Monday May 16th beginning at 2pm. There will be 5 slots available for games – come check it out and see what you think!