Spotlight On: Patchwork

October 25, 2021

November is here and with it the season of soft sweaters, warm blankets and general coziness! We’re spotlighting a game this week that will nicely compliment those homey days indoors with friends and family – Patchwork will be the perfect way to enjoy some time together!

The goal of this two player game is to build the most beautiful (and high scoring) patchwork quilt, and each player gets their own 9×9 game board on which to construct their masterpiece. Buttons serve as the currency in this game, and with them you can choose from the patches available to you on each turn. Patches are different shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to be creative to make a quilt that fills out the square as well as maintains a high score.

The other main game element is time. Each player has a time token that moves according to the type of patch you buy. Every patch also features 0-3 buttons, and when you move your time token past a button on the time track, you earn “button income.” This equates to the sum of the number of buttons depicted on your personal game board, and you get to take this many buttons from the bank.

Patchwork has an average play time of 20-30 minutes, and the suggested age is 8 and up. It’s a pleasant little game that has appealing patterns on the patches that you get to assemble, and it’s a delight putting each quilt together. There are several other versions of the game available, including a Christmas, Halloween, Folklore and an Americana Editions. You can drop by to check it out today, or place a special order and we’ll call you as soon as we have a copy set aside for you to pick up at your convenience.