Spotlight On: She-Hulk #12

April 27, 2023

In the 30+ years since Stan Lee first penned the name She-Hulk as a way to grab the name rights before a competitor, the green diva of law has become one of Marvel’s most unique and enduring characters. Pulling elements from monster books and sci-fi, romance and comedy, fourth wall-breaking hijinks and far out adventures, over the years She-Hulk has really come to embody the myriad facets of Marvel comics itself.

As her popularity grew, Jennifer Walters began to pop up all over the Marvel universe. She’s served as a member of the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, became a fan-favorite cameo character, and has starred in numerous beloved solo series. Whether they needed her super strength or legal expertise, simply put, She-Hulk is every hero’s first call.

Now under the creative control of writer Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Walters finally reaches her 175th legacy issue under her own name with She-Hulk #12. If you jump in now, you’ll see the title at peak She-Hulk-ness: it’s filled with whacky legal scenarios, quiet, introspective moments, and plenty of glimpses at the wider Marvel world. Plus an absolutely delightful backup story where Jen attempts to run a book club – this alone makes the comic worth it.

Celebrate She-Hulk’s 175th issue by picking up your copy today!