Spotlight On: Starlink

June 9, 2021

Party games are most often raucous, rambunctious and maybe even conniving in nature (we’re looking at you Secret Hitler and Cards Against Humanity). However, not every group game has to have those elements, and we’ve got one for you that is beautiful, brilliant and simple. It won’t be out of place in any group gathering, whether it be a boisterous party atmosphere or a more scaled back meetup. For better or worse, this one’s got nothing to do with Musk!

Starlink is a game for 3-6 players that has an age appropriate range of 8+. On your turn, you are given a secret word that you then try to depict by drawing your own constellation connecting stars on the gorgeous board provided. It’s up to your fellows to guess what you’re trying to depict, and luckily because it’s all straight lines success depends more on your creativity and less on an individual’s artistic skill. Your drawing time is limited, and if someone guesses your creation correctly, you both get points according to the amount of stars on the secret word card. There are even bonus points if the constellation is small enough to fit in the provided telescope template!

This is a lovely little game that has a very minimal set up time. It would be perfect to break out in the evening/nighttime when camping as long as you have a flat space to draw, but is of course suitable for any day and time you want to play. Stop by and pick up a copy to play today!