Spotlight On: Ultimate Werewolf

October 20, 2023

It’s officially spooky season, and if you’re looking for a fun party game to jazz up your Halloween festivities, Ultimate Werewolf is a team game full of everything you need for a great get together.

Ultimate Werewolf accommodates anywhere from 5 to 30 players, split into two teams. One team plays the villagers, and the other plays as the werewolves. This is a game of bluffing and deduction where the werewolves attempt to conceal their status while villagers seek to identify them.

Ultimate Werewolf takes place over a series of game days and nights. Each day, the players discuss who among them is a Werewolf, and vote out a player. Each night, the Werewolves choose a player to eliminate, while the Seer learns if one player is a Werewolf or not. The game is over when either all the Villagers or all the Werewolves are eliminated. There are also two special roles – the Seer and the Moderator. The Seer is arguably the most powerful and important Villager. The Seer wakes each night and targets a player. The Moderator silently indicates whether that player is a Villager or a Werewolf. Usually the Moderator gives a peace signal for a Villager or makes a Claw motion for a Werewolf. The Seer must find a way to use that knowledge to help the Villagers without becoming the next target of the Werewolves!

The average play time has a wide range of 30-90 minutes, mostly dependent on how many players are involved. This can be the focal point of your Halloween party, and a great way to keep guests busy and mingling. It’s so entertaining, you’ll want to play it all year long! If you want a quicker version of this game, you can also check out One Night Ultimate Werewolf; in this iteration after one night stage, you will have 5 minutes to find the werewolf.