Spotlight On: Wyrmspan

January 21, 2024

Stonemaier Games is starting off 2024 by bringing us Wyrmspan. This game is inspired by the mechanics of the incredibly popular Wingspan game, but (you guessed it) with dragons! Wyrmspan does not combine with
Wingspan and is its own stand-alone experience.

In Wyrmspan, you play as amatuer dracologists working to build a sanctuary for the variety of dragons that roam this world. You do this through excavating 3 different sites – Crimson Cavern, Golden Grotto, and Amethyst Abyss. As the game progresses, additional spaces are excavated and you can entice different dragons to live there, earning you greater prestige with the Dragon Guild.

Wyrmspan accomodates 1-5 players, ages 14+. A typical game will average about an hour and a half, making this a perfect focus for your game nights! It has the high quality feel that Stonemaier Games is renowned for, featuring beautiful dragon egg markers, detailed card art and more.

You can place an order for Wyrmspan online, and if you’re in need of a gaming space, there’s no better place to land than our event space, and what better game to play at Dragon’s Lair? You can also reserve table space (for free!) online. We look forward to seeing you soon!