Start A New Series

March 30, 2020

Sitting at home in quarantine can bring on a case of cabin fever, and you can only take so much of the news these days. Your list of indoor activities is running short after the first week, and you’re stuck in an existential crisis on what to do now that you’ve binged Tiger King over the course of a single day. Have no fear! Dragon’s Lair is here to help. We’ve got some great series highlighted below that can fill hours of the void with entertainment in book form (that way you can also feel good about cutting down on all that screen time). 

East of West: This series just concluded in December 2019, so you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be able to finish it entirely! This unique series blends western themes with science fiction in a dystopian future where the reader follows the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Nick Dragotta’s art is sensational – he masters a muted color palette with superb linework and manages to create a very distinctive look for this series. Industry juggernaut Jonathan Hickman is the writer at the helm of this story, which spans a full 10 volumes, each just $9.99 and published by Image Comics (vol. 10 is due out this May).

Bone: This long running series is great for all ages, and the perfect way to keep your kids reading during this break as well as expose them to the great wide world of comics! Bone is a fantasy series where three friends get trapped in a fairy tale valley and all kinds of adventure ensues! It is both funny as well as thrilling, keeping even young readers entertained and eager for more. Bonus – Netflix recently announced their intention to create an animated series based off these books, so get ahead of the curve and read the original material beforehand! If you’re brave of heart, it even comes in a one volume 1,332 page edition.

Invincible: Before Robert Kirkman became well known for the Walking Dead (another great long running series) he proved his talent with Invincible. This story is of the more classic superhero fare, following a young superhero named Mark Grayson in what starts out as a coming of age story but develops into much more as time passes and he grows and gains experience. You get to follow both his path as a person as well as a hero, and how he navigates reconciling these identities. It is a series that has a lot of meat and will last you a long time, spanning 25 volumes (also available in 47 issue compendiums).

Saga: If you’re diving into comics for the first time and looking for something quintessential, many readers will point you to Bryan K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples masterpiece Saga. Classified as a “space opera” this tale begins all the way at the beginning, with the series narrator’s parents and their love story. It truly is a saga, having begun in 2012, and still being published as a monthly ongoing comic today.  This story has everything – love, war, growth, cultural diversity, familial themes and so much more. I’d recommend picking up the compendiums for this series (split into 3 books so far, with 18 issues in each) but you can always start with just the first volume (each volume has 6 issues).

All of these suggestions have proven the test of time. You can order just the first volume and have it shipped to you by filling out our online mail-in subscription form, or calling us at 512-454-2399. Better yet, consider picking up a compendium if it’s available, or the first couple volumes (trust us, you won’t want to stop after one)!