Stone Age: Anniversary Edition

March 5, 2019

The classic worker placement game returns to shelves in a “cool” new edition!

Stone Age Anniversary Edition

Stone Age is a rock solid game of resource management in ancient times that tasks players with managing a small developing tribe of human settlers. Every round you will assign workers to hunting, gathering, mining, and trading with the hope of scoring victory points while having enough food to feed your growing population.

Stone Age Anniversary components

This new edition features a double sided board with new, winter themed, art and a challenging “Winter is Hard” rules variant in addition to decorated worker meeples and two mini-expansions (The Igloos and The Wild Animals). This complete box set is the definitive version of a classic, easy to learn for beginner board gamers, and a stellar upgrade for fans of the original!

Stone Age plays between 2-4 players of ages 10 and up, and plays in about 60-90 minutes (varied by player skill and number of players). The game has several routes to victory with its resource management and set collection hybrid elements, but this does not make it a particularly difficult to learn game and is great for families and fans of games like Catan and Lords of Waterdeep!

You can pre-order this new version from Dragon’s Lair!