Stormlight Premium Miniatures

September 11, 2022


Official collectibles for every fan of Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy series: miniatures, figurines, and a high-end deluxe statue!

We know a lot of Stormlight fans will purchase these miniatures just to display them. With that in mind, we want to make sure even our unpainted minis are great looking collectibles. That starts with the sculpt. Our miniatures feature dynamic poses and intricate details because we split each character into several molds. Each miniature is then carefully assembled. Our 34 mm scale is slightly larger than standard 28-32 mm miniatures, allowing for more detail without looking out of place next to other tabletop RPG minis. Whether you use them for gaming or simply show them off your bookshelf, you can be sure these minis will look great!.

Expected Release: July 2023