Stupendous Stocking Stuffers

December 6, 2020

Looking to fill those stockings up and wondering how to make them really special? Look no further! We’ve got plenty of smaller items in stock that pack a punch and are bound to be well received. Here are just a few things that come to mind:

Dice Sets: Who doesn’t love dice? Every self respecting gamer has at least a couple sets, and really, can you ever have too many? Pick up a new set for a loved one and you’re sure to get a smile!

Bananagrams: This crossword building game is perfect for travel and almost any occasion. Suitable for all types of skill levels (ages 7+) and easy to learn and set up. You’ll get hours of entertainment and no two games are ever the same!

Miniatures: You can buy individual miniatures to represent RPG characters, or simply collectibility! Browse through druids, elves, barbarians, mythical creatures, monsters and more, and pick out one or several to help fill that sock!

Funko POP!: This is a great gift for all ages! These figures are just the right size, come in a satisfying little box, and can be either displayed or played with. Just about every franchise and notable character under the sun is represented (from TMNT to the Coca Cola Bear, Baby Yoda and more!), so it’s easy to find one that your loved one in particular will appreciate according to their favorite fandom.

Card Games: We have a slew of card games that are small, compact, and incredibly fun to play. Some of our favorites include Gloom, Love Letter, Timeline and Parade.

Card Sleeves: Great for any TCG player – if you have a friend or family member who plays Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super, Cardfight! Vanguard or Keyforge, you really can’t go wrong by throwing some new sleeves in! We do recommend getting a couple packs to be sure you accommodate their deck size. Sleeves keep the cards in good condition, and there are a huge variety to choose from to show off personal taste and favorite fandoms!

Manga: Ok, we admit that this one may depend on the size of the sock, but you might be surprised to know that standard manga volumes are only 5 inches wide! There are many manga that have corresponding anime series, so if you know that the person you’re buying for likes a certain anime, getting them the manga version is sure to be a slam dunk!

Please consider buying and supporting local businesses like ourselves this holiday season. We realize it’s been a rough year for everyone and from the bottom of our hearts appreciate any help our community gives to us. Stay safe and remember, you can always give us a call at (512)454-2399 to check our stock and place an order for curbside pick-up.