The Best Dungeons & Dragons Adventures for Halloween!

October 27, 2022

It’s the time of year when we can all lean into all things spooky, and it’s also a great opportunity to switch things up for your experienced Dungeons & Dragon’s group, or start a new one! These campaigns and adventures will add a perfect spooky mixup to your gameplay this week.

The Haunt (One-Shot, 4th or 5th level): This is a one shot adventure that has a little bit of everything, and is full of creepy creatures and spine tingling mystery. This adventure takes place at a haunted mansion that your party will inevitably enter, and there they’ll find a whole bunch of horror’s classic ploys – falling chandeliers, monsters, and deadly traps! If you want to run a one shot on Halloween this one is at the top of the pile!

Smashing Pumpkins (Short Adventure, 3-4 sessions, Levels 3-5): If you want to play a short adventure over multiple sessions this week with a Halloween culmination, Smashing Pumpkins fits the bill! Players are recruited to perform in “The Reap” harvest festival in the rural town of Brindlebury, and they’ll soon find that something isn’t quite right in this isolated village. This adventure has more spooky fun than graphic violence or gory encounters, and would be a great choice for younger players looking for a little mischief.

Curse of Strahd (Campaign, Levels 1-10): This iconic adventure is one of Dungeons and Dragons most well known horror stories. It is an extended  retelling of the classic 80’s adventure RavenloftCurse of Strahd centers around the vampire Strahd and his nightmarish castle in Barovia, as well as many other nearby destinations. Gloomy landscapes, tricksy travelers and memorable NPCs make this a campaign that every player should try.

Death House (One-Shot, Levels 1-3): Interested in the Curse of Strahd but not ready to commit to a full campaign? Death House is a one shot scenario specifically aimed at introducing players to the setting of Barovia. They’ll get to explore a haunted house full of Halloween antics, and if the players like this, then you can move seamlessly into the full Curse of Strahd Campaign next!

Whether you want to go for a creepy adventure or not, now is the perfect time to start a new DnD campaign or adventure! Fall is closing and winter is fast approaching – come on down and take a look at what we have to offer to entertain your players through the incoming inclement weather!