The Mind

December 31, 2018

A deceptively simple set of rules; no talking, 2-4 players must figure out who plays the lowest card first only by looking at each other.

You all must beat multiple levels of The Mind by placing cards numbered 1-100 on the table in ascending order without words. If you played the first card, anyone with a lower numbered card will play it face up and you lose one life.

Play a Shiruken card and each player discards their lowest card giving you more information about each other’s hand. This also helps you all beat the level or round. The number of levels to complete are determined by the number of players and range from 8-12 levels.

If you’re ready to increase the difficulty of your game, play with all the discarded cards going face down where you don’t reveal the pile until the end of the level to see if you beat it!

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The Mind card game