Ultraman For A New Generation

September 1, 2020

The new Marvel Comics “Ultraman : The Rise of Ultraman” is a wonderful entry point for people who haven’t read or watched Ultraman in the past. For those of us who have watched and read multiple incarnations of Ultraman, it’s a fun re-telling and update to an old classic. It definitely has the feel of the old 60’s secret organization team fighting evil. All the plot elemetnts are there – the older, yet still active commander who goes out into the field and leads his team with hands on. A young female rookie who is brilliant and full of potential, but still learning the ropes.  A young man who is a rebel, but wants to do the right thing (he wasn’t accepted into the secret organization, but still wants to be a part of it). The three of them butting heads, but all having the same goal, to save Earth from Kaiju (Giant Monsters)!

The story is written by Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom. They do a really great job of integrating the feel of the 60’s super secret organization action team, with today’s world.  It’s a good homage to the original, yet bringing it forward to today. The art in this book was done by Francesco Manna with colors by Espen Grundetjean. It is solid art, with really good facial expressions, and vibrant colors that really elevate this book.  All in all, a very solid team on this storyline. If you like Kaiju books (Giant monsters) I suggest giving Ultraman – The Rise of Ultraman a try! I’m intrigued to see how this story fleshes out in issues to come!

Article By Greg Burrow