Under the Sea

June 21, 2020

This summer heat has got us daydreaming about cooling off on a trip to the ocean! We’ve got to tend the shop, so we’re going to satisfy this aquatic urge by busting out some of our favorite seaside stories. Take the plunge and get “wet” with any of the following;

The Massive: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, members of an oceanic activist group aboard the Kapital vessel are searching the globe for their lost sister ship, the Massive. Will they be able to locate the missing ship, and find the answers they seek for the cause of the crash of their world?

Carthago: Everyone loves a thrilling shark story, and this one centers around the infamous Megaladon! As humanity drills deeper into the earth’s resources, they crack open this prehistoric monster’s cave, unleashing terror across the depths!

Low: In this aquatic fantasy, humanity has been relocated undersea for generations as the world above them burned to dust. As mankind faces it’s final days in the dark water, a last effort to save the human race emerges.

Children of the Sea (Manga): A little girl sees a ghost in an aquarium, and feels drawn to the call of the sea alongside two other childhood companions. Meanwhile, the fish in the ocean have disappeared. This is a compelling mystery with a great deal of intrigue and exceptional artwork. 

Dept. H: This deep sea mystery follows a private investigator on her search to uncover a saboteur working in an underwater research facility. The crew has become paranoid and resentful, making her work more difficult – and that’s aside from the deep-sea creatures she has to contend with!

We hope these stories help satisfy your lust to hit the beach! Some of them might even dissuade you from a visit – there’s a lot lurking beneath those waves after all. Drop on by and pick up a copy today!