Up, Up, and Away!

May 10, 2022

Here at Dragon’s Lair Austin we are still flying high from the return of Free Comic Book Day on May 7th! Join us up here and put your head in the clouds by checking out a few aviation themed games:

Magnificent Flying Machines: This game has a steampunk feel that is inspired by the air races of the early 1900’s. In order to achieve victory you’ll need to perfect your take-off, flying and landing skills while testing your luck with gutsy moves. The key to this game is matching your strategy to the features that your flying machine possesses and maximizing your pilot’s abilities.

Blue Skies: This game was released in 2020 by Rio Grande, and it’s not one to miss! The year is 1979 and the airline industry has been deregulated, clearing the way for private citizens and corporations to move in and take a piece of the pie! As play progresses you’ll accumulate gates at thirty different airports, and you’ll want to focus your efforts to gain majority influence in key areas. 

Galaxy Trucker: In the future as humanity begins its expansion into the stars, some things still remain. Garbage, debris, sewer systems, all that fun stuff. You play as a “Galaxy Trucker” trying to make their way in this new world, and this game is all about building the best spaceship possible! You’ll need to balance size, durability, defense, speed and much more in order to create a spacecraft that is worthy.

These are great choices for anyone with a fondness for aviation as well as just good games in general. Drop on by this week to check them out, and be sure to say hi to our new store kitties while you’re here!