Video Game Board Game Adaptations

September 10, 2020

This past week saw some amazing announcements in the video game industry, and we wanted to give you something to pass the time until you can get your hands on that new PS5! Games, whether virtual or physical, are attractive because of the challenge they bring alongside a healthy dose of fun. Here are a few of our favorite video game franchises that have been adapted for the tabletop.

Doom: The Board Game: This is a hefy game that utilizes miniatures to fully immerse players in the epic battle between elite marines and Hell’s most frightening monsters. One player controls the legions of demons, while 1-4 players cooperate to take command of the marines and fulfill their objectives in spite of the hellspawn’s attempts at sabotage. This is an in depth game that often takes 2+ hours, and features custom dice, 37 detailed miniatures, and double sided map tiles.

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game: This puzzle game is an ever changing path full of death and dismemberment. Various chambers house each player’s test subjects as you position them in spaces in the lab in an attempt to earn rewards – mainly CAKE. The game shifts as chambers fall, taking your test subjects with them. The fun doesn’t stop there though – you’ve still got to protect your cake after you earn it. When one player loses all their test subjects, the player with the most cake wins!

XCOM: The Board Game: This is a cooperative game in which you and your friends command the elite military organization XCOM in an attempt to turn back an alien invasion. Dice rolling mechanisms test your luck and it comes with a free companion app that randomizes the alien’s invasion tactics. Everything works together to create a dynamic and constantly evolving play experience that does a great job of capturing the best aspects of its video game counterpart.

Street Fighter Deck-building Game: Take on the role of one of the popular Street Fighting characters, and expand your tactics from basic moves to specialized assaults as you customize your deck! Every turn 5 new cards are drawn by each player as they work to hone their decks and defeat the Stage Boss and earn victory points, with the player earning the most deemed the winner.

The Witcher Adventure Game: Not only is this franchise a popular video game, it’s now a hit series as well. If you just can’t get enough of The Witcher, you’ll love this journey for 2-4 players in which you assume the role of the Witcher and other characters such as Triss Merigold. There are multiple strategies to achieve victory, and each character has unique strengths and weaknesses. A wide variety of quests keeps it interesting through multiple sessions!

Maybe you’re a video gamer that hasn’t given much thought to board games, or maybe you love both but didn’t know about some of these board game adaptations. Either way, we think you’ll get plenty of entertainment out of these board game video games!