Warhammer 40k 9th Edition Painting Competition

July 17, 2020

July 13th – July 17th – Submission period to bring the miniatures to the store
July 20th – July 24th – Voting period 
Cost: FREE

Welcome to Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy Austin Stay at Home Painting
Competition! Now is the time to show off your miniatures that you have
painted while we have been under Stay Home, Stay Safe Orders! We will
be allowing guests to submit their miniatures in two categories: Best
Individual Model and Best Diorama. We will have all submissions
photographed and posted to our social media feeds and will have people
vote on their favorite models for fabulous prizes in honor of the
launch of Games Workshop Warhammer 40k 9th edition launch!

Best Individual Model – Warhammer 40k 9th edition rulebook!
Runner-up Individual Model – $35 event voucher
Best Diorama – Warhammer 40k Indominous box set
Runner-up Diorama – $35 event voucher

Submission Rules:
-Models must be submitted during the submission period, no models will
be accepted outside the submission period.
-Models must be picked up following the voting period on July 25th
Models must be left in our store where they will be placed on display
during the voting period.
-By entering your model into this contest you consent to have your
model photographed and posted online. Models submitted may also be
used for promotional purposes for Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy
-All models MUST be from a Games Workshop product (this does include
Forge World Models), but can be modified afterwards with non-GW
-Individual model must be less than or equal to 90mm base size (basically anything that cannot fit on a small individual model base should be considered for diorama)
-Diorama model must be less than or equal to 240mm base size (models
such as vehicles which do not have a base count as 240mm base size)
-All models must at minimum require at least 3 colors per model to
qualify for entry.
-Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy staff may enter models into the contest
but are unable to win prizes
-Ownership at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy Austin has discretion to
suspend or disqualify an entry for any reason

Submission notes:
Guests who do leave behind models will need to leave their name and a phone number or e-mail to contact them in case they win a prize and to pick up their models once the voting period is over.


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