Wild Duo

November 29, 2023


5 smart board games for 2 players in one box 🐘🐳🐋🐒🦜Have fun exploring them together with your spouse, a friend, your children etc.

Wild Duo is a game collection that includes 5 smart games for 2 players. You can play these games with your spouse/a friend or in larger groups (4/6/8/10), in which case the games are rotated between the groups of two. The games are suitable for both children and adults, as the gaming experience strongly depends on the players’ skills. Therefore, some games can be decided in as little as 5 minutes, while others may last 30 minutes.

Each game focuses on a different animal species 🐘🐳🐋🐒🦜and its behavior. With the individually printed wooden tiles, the detailed illustrated boards and the flavor text in the rulebook, each game immerses you in a different world. Thanks a lot for being a part of this campaign!

Expected Release: January 2024