X-Men: From the Ashes A Bold New Direction for Your Favorite Heroes!

July 5, 2024

The Krakoan Age is over but this is still a very exciting era for X-Fans to look forward to. With a trove of new titles launching there is sure to be something for everyone in the From The Ashes era…just check out these upcoming titles!

The flagship title X-Men from writer Jed McKay and artist Ryan Stegman launches 07/10/24.

Jean Grey will be taking center stage in the title Phoenix, hitting shelves 07/17/24.

Laura Kinney/Wolverine will take center stage in the new series NYX, launching 07/24/24.

Next, keep your eyes open for the new launch of X-Force, led by Forge, launching 07/31/24.

Following that we will see the launch of an all new Uncanny X-Men lineup on 08/07/24.

Havok and Angel will be headlining the all new government backed X-Factor team, releasing 08/14/24.

The third headline title in this new era will be the Emma Frost led Exceptional X-Men, coming out 09/04/24.

Wolverine returns in a savage fury from Saladin Ahmed, don’t miss it on 09/11/24.

Dazzler will be on everyone’s mind when her all new series debuts 09/18/24.

Storm, now an X-Men and an Avenger will see her own series launch 10/02/24.

For fans of the X-Men new and old this relaunch will be for everyone. Stay tuned to our newsletter for more developments in the world of the X-Men!

-Article by Bryan P.