DBS Vermilion Bloodline Store Championship

October 25, 2020

Date: Sunday November 8th
Time: 4pm-8pm
Cost: $10

*Was previously scheduled for November 1st but now delayed to November 8th due to shipping delays for the tourney kits.*

To celebrate the release of Set 2 in the Unison Warrior Series, stores can hold the Vermilion Bloodline Store Championship in November. Come join the fun by using your Vermilion Bloodline cards at the Store Championship! Be sure to participate and get your Revision Pack 2020!

Event Format:
– Singles
– Constructed
– Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for this event.
– 60 minute, best of 3 game matches
– Only Unison Warrior Series Cards from Set 1, Set 2, and related PR cards are allowed in this tournament. (See list below)


Participation – Revision Pack 2020 x3
– Championship Pack 2020 Vol.2 x2
– Event Pack 06 x1

Winner – Revision Pack 2020 x2
– Championship Pack 2020 Vol.2 x2
– Event Pack 06 x1
* Again, 1 round byes will NOT be granted to the winners as this is not part of the 2020 Championship season.


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