Digimon Tournaments

April 10, 2021

Joshua here to give you guys an update on our upcoming Digimon tourneys!

April 17th (next Saturday at 6pm) we have a 16 player capped tourney using more of our Digimon Tourney kits! $10 entry.

April 24th (starting a 5pm) we have a 16 player capped 1.0 booster box draft! $35 entry with extra Digimon promos as bonus prize support.

Finally May 1st (starting at 5pm) we have another 32 player capped tourney! $10 entry and using two Digimon tourney kits.

***All tourneys are open for pre registration with no payment needed until the day of. Sign ins start 15 minutes before the listed start time so make sure you’re in before and not after! Call us at 832.761.0072 to reserve your spot!***


March 30, 2023


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