Dominaria Pre-Release

April 11, 2018

We are now taking sign-ups for the Dominaria pre-release


We have three different events going on during the prerelease weekend.

  • Midnight Release: Entry is $25 and there will be 48 spots available. It will be held after FNM on the 20th. Players who are participating in the draft and the pre-release can stay afterwards as our usual closing time is 11pm.


  • April 21st Release: Entry is $25 and there will be 12 spots available for this event. It will begin at 6pm that Saturday.


In order to secure your spot in the pre-release you must pay either over the phone or in person at the store. We will not be holding spots for anyone who has not purchased that spot. When you do sign up, please include your DCI number as this makes it easier on the person running the event. If you do not have a DCI number, we will issue you one so you can register the number online.


During the pre-release, players may purchase a booster box of Dominaria. For those who pre-ordered with us, the price of the box will be $99.99. You must pre-order to get the special discount otherwise the price is at the regular $115. We have limited supplies of the buy-a-box promo so in order to make sure we have enough, we are limiting the promo to one per customer. Remember, you may only purchase the booster box early if you can come and get it pre-release weekend. Even if you pre-ordered it, if you miss the early sale you will have to wait until the actual release of the set to get your box.