Magic Weekend Celebration

September 19, 2020

We are celebrating the release of Zendikar Rising with our unsanctioned Take home pre-release. It will be $25 for pre-release kits to take home and use for your own private play. However during our Store hours we will be hosting spots to provide players who wish to stay and play a 4 round unsanctioned tournament. Social distancing and mask policy will be enforced and space limited to only 24 max participants at each time for the unsanctioned tourneys. Any and all prize support will be only in store credit for the tourney.

If you wish to sign up for any of the unsanctioned tourneys early please call and sign up at 832.761.0072.

September 18th-6:30pm
September 19th-12am
September 19th-10am
September 19th-2pm
September 19th-6pm
September 20th- 10am
September 20th-2pm
September 20th-6pm