Mithril GM

November 1, 2019

Dragon’s Lair will be participating in the first ever city-wide Mithril GM competition! We want to find out who in Houston is the greatest!

Date: Saturday November 16th
Event Time: 12-6PM

Here’s how it works:

GM’s ($15 entry fee*)
1) Must have all three core rulebooks.
2) No 3rd party reference materials.
3) You have 90 minutes to craft a one-shot adventure using THREE SECRET INGREDIENTS.
4) Three hour runtime for your adventure, with a pregenerated adventuring party of Level 3 Fighter, Cleric, Wizard and Rogue (the players will be randomly assigned).
5) Any and all accessories to enrich gameplay are allowed.
6) Scoring: all players will rate the adventure at its conclusion, dropping the lowest and highest scoring scoresheets. The total sum of the two remaining scoresheets will be the competing GM’s final score, with a one-page summary of the adventure submitted to the event organizer serving as a tie-breaker.
7) The top two scoring GM’s will earn a portion of the prize pool and advance to the quarter finals, semi finals and finals at OwlCon, MagCon, and Comicpalooza 2020 respectively.

Players ($5 entry fee*)
1) In order of registration, four players per competing GM will be assembled into a pool. That pool will be randomized and a group of four will be assigned to a GM’s table.
2) Each player in that group will pick one of four pregenerated Level 3 characters from a selection of Wizard, Fighter, Rogue and Cleric.
3) After your 3hr adventure, you will rate your GM’s performance on a scoresheet that will be provided to you.
4) You’re done, feel free to stick around to see the final results.

*Fees: because we need exactly four players for each GM, we will not collect fees from GM’s or players until we know exactly how many we need. Competing GM’s, please register by purchasing a free ticket, participating players, please register by calling in to the store.


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