MTG Command Legends: Baldur’s Gate Prerelease Draft

May 31, 2022

Join us June 3rd to June 6th for the Prerelease draft of the new Commander Legends Baldur’s Gate set!

$25 Entry

June 3rd: 6:30pm Start time
June 4th: 12pm Start and a second one at 5pm
June 5th: 1pm Start time
June 6th: 6:00pm Start Time

The entry will get you a kit of 3 commander legends packs. We will then draft in pods of 8 people, drafting 2 cards at a time instead of 1. Aim to build a 60 card Commander Deck (With Duplicates allowed). You will then be seated in groups of 4 players to play your commander game. Everyone participating will receive 1 extra set pack of Baldur’s Gate, and the winner of the 4 person pod winning 1 more extra set pack.

**This is a DRAFT prerelease event. Not a sealed event like other prereleases.**

Call 832.761.0072 to get signed up, or stop by in store!

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