MTG Core 2021 Release Sealed

June 20, 2020

Core Set 2021 is on it’s way and sign ups are open for the pre-release event!
$25 Entry per event
June 26th: 6:30pm
June 27th: 12am, 12pm, 5pm
June 28th: Two Headed Giant 12pm
Sign up in the store today!

1 Hour for Sealed deck construction.
1 Hour each round (Total of 4 rounds).
Come in store to sign up or call ahead to pay and reserve a spot!
Our regularly schedule FNM Draft will be replaced with a pre-release event on the 26th, a midnight event following that one on the 27th.
Then one 12pm and 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday (27th & 28th) with 12pm on Sunday the 28th being Two headed giant! So make sure to bring a friend!