MTG Midnight Hunt Innistrad Prerelease Events

August 30, 2021

Join us September 18th to the 19th for the werewolf prerelease of Innistrad, Midnight Hunt!
$25 Entry
12 AM Saturday September 18th
11 AM Saturday September 18th
5 PM Saturday September 18th
11 AM Sunday September 19th (2-Headed Giant)
5pm Sunday September 19th

Call 832.761.0072 to get signed up now or come by and sign up in store!There will **NOT** be a 7pm September 17th prerelease. This is due to already having our Flesh and Blood Prelrelease planned for the day and time. If you wish to show up early for the midnight prerelease we ask to show up no sooner than 11:30pm


March 30, 2023


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