Now serving pub food at The Tabletop Tavern!

November 23, 2022

We are so grateful to be featured by Community Impact! Come check out our new offerings!

“Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy has added The Tabletop Tavern to its store and celebrated its grand opening Aug. 6. Having dreamed of opening a comic and game store for 20 years, Christine and Robert Prohl opened Dragon’s Lair in December 2016.

Comics, gaming, and collectibles are the specialties of the business which recently expanded to a larger space at 21155A Hwy. 249, Houston. There are a variety of options available on the tavern menu, such as coffee drinks, draft beer, pizza, burgers and more.

“We will be serving what we call ‘gamer fare.’ Our menu features a variety of items, but our bestseller is the Tavern Burger,” Christine said. “We have an espresso machine and some specialty coffees that have special syrups already added, but you can also create your own custom drink.”

Along with tournaments and trivia nights, the tavern and Dragon’s Lair will host a variety of other events.

“I think the addition of the tavern will continue to grow the community we have already built here, and people are really looking forward to it,” Christine said. “You can come in and play any of the games, and we will deliver the food out to the game rooms. Customers can even come in grab a beer and play a game right here in the tavern.”