Ork’s Release 10-2, Pre-orders start 9-25

September 24, 2021

Oi! Are you ready for some more fighty lads? More Ork love releases on 10-2 and we can start taking pre-orders this weekend on 9-25. We have to place orders this week so if you’re interested in one of these, let us know! Note: this is not an official pre-order just us gauging interest to make our orders!

Kill Rig
Of all the Orks’ mechanical creations, the Kill Rig may be the most audacious. A giant scrap-metal sleigh bristling with gun towers, dragged into battle by a cantankerous tramplasquig, as a Wurrboy blasts enemies with bolts of psychic energy like a wild-eyed murder-Santa delivering the gift of death? That’s textbook Ork.

This kit can alternatively be built as a Hunta Rig – with a separate Wurrboy – that’s perfect for giving your bellowing Beast Snagga Boyz a ride.

If any of your Boyz happen to fall off their Kill Rig or get trampled by a horde of squighogs, the Painboss is here to fix ’em up, often with a cybernetic limb or two. Not known for his bedside manner, he leaves all the grunt work to his Grot Orderly, who he’s also outfitted with a snazzy motorised wheel.

Mozrog Skragbad
Mozrog Skragbad is the surliest, meanest, and most belligerent Beast Snagga to have ever lived. Charging into battle on Big Chompa, his great white squigosaur, he’s a total force of nature.

Stuffed full of bionics after being swallowed whole and nearly digested by a goliath gutmaw, Skragbad is more determined and fightier than ever. This kit also builds a generic Beastboss on Squigosaur for a slightly more chilled-out alternative – by Ork standards at least.